Schools in Lakhimpur District

There are about 3,041 Schools in Lakhimpur District. Out of them, North Lakhimpur, AS is on top with 1,442 schools where as Bihpuria, AS has least no of schools.The Bihpuria, AS has 426 schools.

As per The 2011 census of Lakhimpur District, Lakhimpur has 77% literacy ratio in India.

Narayanpur, AS is the highest literate city in Lakhimpur District with 85% of literacy rate where as Naobaicha, AS is the least literate city with a literacy rate of 70%.

Total 15,251 teachers in Lakhimpur District where as 9,985 male and 5,266 female..

Total no of enrolled students are 212,408 out of which 50% boys and 50% girls in Lakhimpur, AS.

Out of total 212,408 students, 10% students are belongs to scheduled caste, 30% student belongs to scheduled tribe,32% student belongs to other backward caste.

Map of Lakhimpur District

List of schools in Lakhimpur District

City with Highest no of Schools in Lakhimpur District

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