Kerala Demographics

There are presently 14 Districts in Kerala. The Total population of the Kerala is 33.41 Million.

As per Districts Census 2011, the most populated district in Kerala is Malappuram with a population of 4.11 Million where as the least populated district is Wayanad with a population of 817,420.

As per The 2011 census of Kerala Districts, Kottayam is the highest literate district with 97% of literacy rate where as Wayanad is the least literate district with a literacy rate of 89%.

The census 2011 of Kerala Districts also shows that Kannur District represents the highest sex ratio with 1136 females per 1000 males while Idukki District features the lowest sex ratio in India with just 1006 women per 1000 males

Map of Kerala

Top Populated Districts in Kerala with Population

Districts in Kerala with Highest Literacy Rate

Rural / Urban Area Ratio Of Kerala

Kerala State has total Area 38,852 square meters and over out of which 80% is rural area where as 20% is urban.

Top Populated Cities in Kerala with Population

Rural / Urban Household Ratio of Kerala

Kerala State has total household 7,853,754 from which 53% is in rural area and 47% is urban area.

Rural / Urban Gender Ratio of Kerala

Kerala State has total Population of 33,406,061 Out of which 48% are male and 52% are female.

Male / Female Literacy Ratio of Kerala

Kerala State has total 28,135,824 Literacy Out of which 49% are male and 51% are female.

Male / Female Employment Ratio in Kerala

Kerala State has total 11,619,063 Worker Out of which 73% are male and 27% are female.